You Can Play An Xbox 360 Through An Xbox One Through An Xbox One

Ever since we heard about the Xbox One's HDMI input feature—which is intended to route HDMI devices like a cable box through it and "snap" to that program—I've been excited to put it to the test. Could we play another Xbox One through an Xbox One? What about an Xbox 360 hooked into an Xbox One which is itself hooked up… » 11/20/13 12:30am 11/20/13 12:30am

In Saints Row, Everyone's Beautiful in Their Own Way—Except 'Big Bob'

Saints Row IV is rather proud of the fact that its character creation options are 100 percent sex-unrestricted. You want to give a dude the Karlie? Go for it. Lady with a chinstrap beard? All in a day's work. The price of such freedom, however, are some hideous creations taking place in the "Inauguration Station." » 8/13/13 12:00pm 8/13/13 12:00pm

Why Wait for Saints Row IV? Get Your Dubstep Gun in Grand Theft Auto

Saints Row has taken a good share of crap for supposedly copying Grand Theft Auto, but at long last, the tables have turned. Saints Row IV isn't even out yet and modders have already put the game's infamous Dubstep Gun into GTA IV. » 8/10/13 11:00am 8/10/13 11:00am