République's Ambitions Are Way Greater Than Just Metal Gear Stealth

An American developer with serious Metal Gear cred. The production studio that made that MGS4's wild intro movies. Looking at the upcoming stealth game they're collaborating on you could get the idea that this is just another Metal Gear Solid type game. You'd be wrong. » 4/05/12 8:01am 4/05/12 8:01am

Halo Creative Director Leaving Halo 4 [Update]

Halo 4 is the first title in a new trilogy of Halo games. The previous three titles were developed by Bungie, but the next three are being made in-house by Microsoft's own Halo studio. » 9/06/11 4:00am 9/06/11 4:00am

It's Official MGS4 Producer Now Working on Halo

Ryan Payton, former assistant producer on Metal Gear Solid 4, has signed on with Microsoft Game Studios to work on future Halo games, Microsoft Game Studios said today, confirming the rumor Kotaku broke last month » 10/01/08 5:00pm 10/01/08 5:00pm. "Microsoft has confirmed the addition of Ryan Payton, formerly of Kojima Productions to Microsoft Game…

New Halo Helmed By MGS4 Producer

Click to view » 9/16/08 12:04pm 9/16/08 12:04pm Rumor has it that , late of Kojima Productions, has landed a pretty impressive job here in the states. Our very reliable sources tell us that Payton has been hired by Microsoft to be the creative director on the upcoming, and still not dead, Peter Jackson Halo game. The news, very reliable news, comes…

Kojima Productions Didn't Even Know What MGS4 Was Gonna Be

Back in 2005, Kojima Productions rolled out the first look at Metal Gear Solid 4 » 9/12/08 4:00am 9/12/08 4:00am. It's 2008 and game site 1up is looking back with Associate Producer Ryan Payton — who was since . This exchange is insightful: Yeah, that early bill of sale doesn't look like the final product. Payton's right though, it is fun to go…

Payton: Japan's No Longer the Center of the Gaming Universe and…

Ryan Payton, self-described game hobo, fresh off working on Metal Gear Solid 4 and a cross-country move from Japan back to Seattle » 9/01/08 2:00pm 9/01/08 2:00pm, took some time to sit down with me this weekend to talk development, Japan and life. Payton's move back from Japan to the U.S. couldn't come at a better time for a game developer, as the…

Ryan Payton Has Left Kojima Productions (Mentions MGS5)

Ryan Payton » 8/26/08 6:00am 8/26/08 6:00am (hats, in tow) has left Kojima Productions. The Assistant Producer spearheaded a for , making the game far more approachable and much tighter than the previous installment. He also helped warm the team up to more Western developed games like as well. Why did he leave and what's next? His answers after…

Hey, Metal Gear Solid 5 Could Be A Prequel, Star Big Boss

COULD! I say COULD! Not will. So relax. You cool? Then we cool. While chatting with the 1UP crew, Kojima Production's Ryan Payton has said "There are some misunderstandings that this is the final Metal Gear game. But it's really the final chapter of the Solid Snake story. That's all". Care to elaborate? Well, right … » 6/20/08 10:30pm 6/20/08 10:30pm

Hear Solid Snake Say "Kotaku"

Solid Snake's English voice actor David Hayter, Drebin's voice Khary Payton » 6/12/08 9:00am 6/12/08 9:00am, Liquid Ocelot's , producer Ken Imaizumi, assistant producer Ryan Payton and Ryan Payton's hat were all on hand at the midnight launch signing. Thanks Kotaku reader for the vid!

Kojima Productions Says "No MGS4 90 Minute Cutscenes"

Late last month, magazine PSW stated that upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4 has 90 minute cutscenes — which, the magazine pointed out, could be skipped. Website GamePro fired back, confirming that the game does have "occasionally lengthy" cutscenes and calling the 90 minute cutscenes "a pretty big exaggeration." Magazine … » 6/05/08 7:00am 6/05/08 7:00am

There Will Be More Metal Gear

Just like we thought! And once again confirming what we had hear before!! There will be more Metal Gear Solid — though, not necessarily more SPOILER. According to Kojima Productions' Ryan Payton, who says (possible SPOILER): » 5/19/08 11:00pm 5/19/08 11:00pm