"Warcraft RTS: Alliance and Horde"—which one modder, tired of waiting 10 years for Warcraf

"Warcraft RTS: Alliance and Horde"—which one modder, tired of waiting 10 years for Warcraft IV, quit his job to build—just got its 1.0 release. Made with the StarCraft II editor, it's a richly detailed mod that returns the series to its long-forgotten RTS roots. Lots of details and screens here. »10/30/13 11:00am10/30/13 11:00am

This Remake Of The Heart of the Swarm Intro Has The Cuddliest Zerg Ever

After crafting a whole season of short, funny StarCraft cartoons, CarBotAnimations presents a spectacular special episode, remaking the entire cinematic intro of Heart of the Swarm. It still doesn't explain why that Viking had to land to get stomped on by the Ultralisk, but these Zerg units, portrayed as cute little… »3/13/13 9:20am3/13/13 9:20am

Heart of the Swarm Has an Official Boy Band Music Video, and It's Not Half-Bad

In the StarCraft community, making parody music videos has always been a big thing—just look at Husky's Nerd Alert or Temp0. Or New Zealand-based Viva La Dirt League — the closest thing to a StarCraft boy band we'll ever get (though, let's admit, they should be in a higher league) — whose latest video is a really… »3/12/13 9:20am3/12/13 9:20am

From the Real-Time Strategy Masters at Petroglyph: A Social Word Game for the iPhone

Founded in 2003 by the last remaining members of Westwood Studios—fathers of the modern-day real-time strategy game (see Dune II)—Petroglyph Games has spent the past decade continuing to build on that proud RTS tradition. Now the developer has taken an unexpected turn towards mobile social games, to Coin a Phrase. »1/16/13 4:25pm1/16/13 4:25pm