Twin Galaxies is Taking High Scores Again—for a Fee

Twin Galaxies, the arbiter of video game records for more than three decades, and the authority Guinness World Records uses to certify video game high scores, changed hands last fall. It's now owned by two arcades, one in Denver and the other in New Jersey. » 4/21/13 1:08pm 4/21/13 1:08pm

In Preserving Old Arcade Cabinets, This Man is Doing God's Work

Richie Knucklez is an arcade gaming legend. Not only is he the world record-holder in Space Invaders, but he also runs a fantastic business that locates, repairs and restores old arcade cabinets. » 10/12/12 3:00am 10/12/12 3:00am

A Man Named Knucklez Doubles the Space Invaders World Record

On October 7, 2011, Flemington, NJ's Richie Knucklez catapulted himself into the video game record books by racking up 110,510 points in the original 1978 arcade hit Space Invaders, more than doubling the previously held record. How did he do it? Owning his own arcade certainly didn't hurt. » 10/17/11 1:20pm 10/17/11 1:20pm

Fatigue Ends Q*Bert World Record Bid

It was estimated that George Leutz would have to play Q*Bert for more than 70 hours -nearly three days straight- to break a 28-year-old all-time world record. If you, like me, wondered if there was some way to stick Q*Bert in the corner of the board and grab a nap during the record attempt, evidently there isn't. » 5/21/11 11:00am 5/21/11 11:00am

Record-Seeker Restarts 70-Hour Assault on All-Time Q*Bert Mark

Last month, George Leutz set out to topple a high score nearly 28 years old: Q*Bert's all time mark of 33,273,520. It's believed that it would take playing for 70 hours on a single quarter to beat that score. Halfway into it, someone kicked a power cord, (seen above) and all of Leutz's work was lost. » 5/18/11 9:30pm 5/18/11 9:30pm