UK Gamers Get Their Hands On Red Alert 3 In Trafalgar Square

The Be The One event » 11/04/08 5:20pm 11/04/08 5:20pm went off in fine style, with over 70,000 gamers descending on the EA Battledome in Trafalgar Square over the weekend. EA's contribution to the London Games Festival 2008 featured live performances from Natasha Bedingfield, The Automatic and McFly among other musical luminaries, but the main focus…

Red Alert 3 - PS3 Owners 'Will Be Very Pleased'

EA LA may initially have recoiled in shock at the “ very exotic and tough to develop for » 11/04/08 3:20pm 11/04/08 3:20pm” PS3 but, now they have a had a few months to get the 360 and PC versions out of the door, EA have taken another look at their PS3 code and have decided to give things another try. “We're looking at doing some really cool things…

EA's Awesome Fix For Missing Red Alert 3 CD Key Characters

According to the Command & Conquer » 11/03/08 8:00pm 11/03/08 8:00pm customer support team, a "small number of [] manuals" suffered from an unfortunate misprint. Some owners of the Windows PC version are finding themselves with a CD key just 19 characters in length, exactly one shy of the required 20 characters required to activate the game. Oops!…

Why Are EA Still Using FMV And Actors In 2008?

Aside from the obvious » 10/23/08 8:20am 10/23/08 8:20am reasons (see above), it's a good question! One that we were . In this day and age of fancy polygons and rendered sequences, why do EA still insist on their Command & Conquer games with full-motion-video cutscenes? Aren't they relics of the 1990s? Not at all, says EA's Greg Kasavin: Keep on…

Rumor: Ric Flair, Bear Suit Spotted At EA LA

Sources deep within the EA borders tells us that professional wrestler Ric Flair and a guy in a bear suit were spotted at the EA Los Angeles gym earlier today. According to the report, "Ric Flair and a guy in a bear suit are currently filming something in the EA Los Angeles gym." See? Exactly what we said. The source… » 10/14/08 10:00pm 10/14/08 10:00pm

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Calls Out Starcraft

You know, I'm not gonna try to guess the viral marketing policies or in-house/contractor authorizations of Electronic Arts to determine if this really does constitute EA taking potshots at Blizzard. But that is undeniably the actors J.K. Simmons (President Ackerman) and Jonathan Pryce (Field Marshall Bingham, on… » 9/21/08 7:00pm 9/21/08 7:00pm

EA And 1C Deliver Jewel-Cased Games To Russia

PC games in jewel cases aren't just for discount titles at Walmart and Target anymore. Electronic Arts has announced a distribution agreement with 1C Company which will see the latter releasing the former's newer PC titles throughout Russia in jewel case economy packaging. The first titles coming out this fall in the… » 9/18/08 12:20pm 9/18/08 12:20pm

Where Jenny McCarthy Explains Why She Isn't Kari Wuhrer

Best part of Red Alert 2? The fact Allied commando Tanya was played by C-grade awesome-magnet Kari Wuhrer. Worst part of Red Alert 3? The fact Wuhrer isn't back reprising her role. It's instead gone to Jenny McCarthy, who in this clip explains what she'll be bringing to the part. She's no Wuhrer, but it's good to… » 9/15/08 5:00am 9/15/08 5:00am

EA Sticking With SecuROM (Though Red Alert 3's Will Go A Little Easier On You)

Because it includes Draconian DRM program SecuROM, Spore's taking a bit of a pounding at the moment » 9/08/08 11:40pm 9/08/08 11:40pm. Same thing happened to , same thing happened to . The message is fairly clear: people know what SecuROM does, and they . EA's response to this? To let you eat cake. They're sticking with the software, whether you like…

Celebrate C&C's Birthday With Free Red Alert

This Sunday, August 31st, marks thirteen years since Command & Conquer » 8/29/08 3:30pm 8/29/08 3:30pm first advanced on our position. Unlucky for some, but not for fans of RTS retro gaming. 13 years may not be a particularly landmark-ey time period (technically, the series could be celebrating its Bar Mitzvah, I suppose) but EA have decided to…