Why It Doesn’t Matter If This Incredible Looking Racing Game Is on an iPhone

Rob Murray knows you're going to compare Real Racing 3 to the Gran Turismos and Forza Motorsports of the world. Those PlayStation and Xbox franchises stand as the two best exemplars of a certain kind of authentic racing experience on consoles. Their fans want to replicate being inside a car as much as possible. They… »9/17/12 12:00pm9/17/12 12:00pm

Developer Gets Why Gamers Scoff at iPhone 5, but Says It’s an “Awesome Gaming Device”

The iPhone 5 could potentially be a big step up for mobile gaming. But lots of video game enthusiasts still think of the mobile landscape as a backwater to be snickered at. You might think that Firemonkeys executive producer Rob Murray—who makes the Real Racing series for Apple's iDevices—would be offended to hear… »9/14/12 3:30pm9/14/12 3:30pm

This is Not an Xbox 360 Game. It's an iPhone Game. Serious.

Sure, racing games have it easier than most when it comes to making things look pretty, but still. Come on. Just look at this. There are enough jaggies to make me think it's almost a 100% genuine screenshot, but enough of everything else to think that, yeah, maybe the new iPhone 5 will be pretty damn great for video… »9/12/12 7:16pm9/12/12 7:16pm