The Order: 1886 Is 30 Frames Per Second And Darn Proud Of It

The Order: 1886 does what it wants. Zeppelins, elevated trains and automatic rifles? It might not fit the history it's based on, but hey, why not? Toss them in. Developers Ready at Dawn are telling a story about men and women fighting half-bred monster people that never existed in their own vision of 19th century… » 2/18/14 8:56am 2/18/14 8:56am

Ready At Dawn Is Serious About Dropping The PSP

Daxter and God of War: Chains of Olympus developer Ready At Dawn was dead serious when it said it was moving on from PSP development. Proof is in the form of the boxing up and shipping out of dozens of PSP development kits and the continued teasing of what's in store after the Japanese release of the PSP version of God … » 6/09/08 10:00pm 6/09/08 10:00pm