Razer Blade 2014 Review: Great For Games, Overkill Otherwise

Razer's badass Blade gaming laptop is back with a screen that's insane, and the power to push some serious pixels. But that doesn't do you much good when getting by day-to-day is a little bit of a struggle. » 7/09/14 4:25pm 7/09/14 4:25pm

Mario Kart 8, PSN Update, Razer Blade, NVIDIA

Nintendo has announced that any purchase of Mario Kart 8 will net you a free game if you register by July 31. Free selection includes Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Super Mario Bros. U, and Wii Party U. So yeah, that's probably the best pre-order deal from Nintendo ever. [Nintendo] » 4/30/14 1:15pm 4/30/14 1:15pm

The New Razer Blade Ultra-Thin Gaming Laptop: The Kotaku Review

At a mere .66 inches thick and powerful enough to capably handle some of the most demanding games on the market, Razer's new 14-inch Blade might be the coolest piece of equipment I've ever played a PC game on. It's certainly the hottest. » 7/02/13 1:30pm 7/02/13 1:30pm

Razer Debuts The World's Thinnest Gaming Laptop

Ever since Razer started making their skinny 17-inch Razer Blade laptop, I've been wondering when a gaming PC company was going to come along and deliver a powerful gaming laptop with the slender form factor of an Ultrabook. That would be today. Meet the new Razer Blade, a 14-inch gaming laptop that's skinnier than… » 5/30/13 5:00pm 5/30/13 5:00pm

The "World's First True Gaming Laptop" is Now More Powerful, Less Pricey

First revealed a year ago, the Razer Blade was a fascinating machine. Dubbed "The World's First True Gaming Laptop" by its makers, the $2,800 17-inch machine, weighing less than seven pounds, was a bold experiment that traded power for portability, and portability for price. » 8/31/12 6:15pm 8/31/12 6:15pm

The Correct Video Card Settings Make a Marked Difference in the Razer…

After posting my initial impressions of gameplay on the Razer Blade yesterday, company reps contacted me to make sure my video card was working properly. It was not. Now it is, and my impressions have been updated. » 2/07/12 12:45pm 2/07/12 12:45pm

Putting the Razer Blade Through Its Gaming Paces [Update]

Razer's sleek and stylish Blade gaming laptop is slowly making its way into the hands of customers ballsy enough to drop $2,800 on an untested product from a company that's never made a gaming laptop before. Did their gamble pay off? Update: A settings tweak has changed the game. » 2/06/12 3:00pm 2/06/12 3:00pm

Razer's Game-Changing Blade Gaming Laptop in My Hot Little Hands

Last summer PC peripheral maker Razer introduced the world to the Razer Blade, a device CEO Min-Liang Tan boldly described as "the world's first gaming laptop." Well now the world's first gaming laptop is in my dining room. Let's open this baby up, shall we? » 2/04/12 2:00pm 2/04/12 2:00pm

It's the World's First Gaming Laptop Delay

Originally slated for release before Christmas, Razer's ambitious Blade gaming laptop has run into supply issues pushing shipping back to mid to late January. Don't cry, they're throwing in a free gaming mouse. You can't cry when there's a free mouse involved. » 12/22/11 4:20pm 12/22/11 4:20pm

Razer's Combat Knife-Inspired Blade Gaming Laptop Will Be Home For…

With only a few short weeks before Christmas, Razer prepares to take preorders on their dedicated gaming laptop, the Razer Blade. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan explains what's changed since the "world's first true gaming laptop" was revealed in August, and talks about the Army origins of the laptop's sleek and sexy design. » 12/07/11 12:40pm 12/07/11 12:40pm

Razer Blade Prototype Theft Won't Set Back Release of Hybrid Gaming…

The theft earlier this month of two of Razer's prototype Razer Blade gaming laptops shouldn't impact the expected release of the device, the company tells Kotaku. » 11/14/11 8:30pm 11/14/11 8:30pm

Two Prototypes of Gaming's "Deadliest Laptop" Stolen from Razer R&D Labs

Earlier this month someone broke into Razer's San Francisco Bay Area research and development labs and made off with two prototypes for the peripheral maker's sexy gaming laptop hybrid, the Razer Blade, according to the company. » 11/14/11 1:40pm 11/14/11 1:40pm

I Can't Believe It: The Razer Blade Might Not Just Be the Future of PC…

Does PC gaming need to be saved? It's a question so arrogant it upset gamers for weeks after gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer posed it. » 8/26/11 1:30pm 8/26/11 1:30pm