Rez's Creator Has Left Games Development "For Now"

Sad news for fans of games like Rez, Lumines and Space Channel: Q Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi (pictured) has stepped away from active game development. » 9/20/12 6:20am 9/20/12 6:20am

Ninety-Nine Nights Online Is No More as of This Fall

Q Entertainment's MMORPG Ninety-Nine Nights Online, the MMORPG version of Ninety-Nine Nights, is shutting off the lights on September 27 and going offline. Goodnight, N3 Online! [Game Watch Impress] » 7/19/12 5:30am 7/19/12 5:30am

Lumines On The Vita Is Cool, Except for the... Tapping Parts

Lumines was one of the best games on the original PlayStation Portable. It was sort of a rave version of Tetris, which was a very good thing. The successor to the PSP is now upon us, and so is a new Lumines, subtitled Electronic Symphony. » 2/14/12 7:30pm 2/14/12 7:30pm

Get Ready To Fall in Love with Lumines All Over Again

Monster Hunter is now synonymous with the PSP. Back in late 2004 and early 2005, that wasn't the case. Monster Hunter was a PS2 game, and Sony was still convinced that the PSP was its new Walkman. » 9/19/11 6:00am 9/19/11 6:00am

Turn Your PlayStation Move into a Club Happy Glow Stick

4am is the latest title on Q-Games' PixelJunk brand. Details about the game are scant, even though there is a debut trailer. It promises that players can "freely shape the sound to perfection" and then broadcast that sound to the world. » 9/14/11 9:00pm 9/14/11 9:00pm

Why Japan is The Only Country That Adores Monster Hunter

Q Entertainment makes very pretty games like Lumines and Child of Eden. Games that are nothing at all like Monster Hunter. At the very least, he does walk the walk. » 8/05/11 11:00am 8/05/11 11:00am

Child of Eden Makes Beautiful Music on PS3 this September

Q Entertainment's spiritual successor to classic musical shooter Rez, Child of Eden, already released on the Xbox 360, will come to the PlayStation 3 on September 20 in North America, September 23 in Europe. » 7/18/11 3:40pm 7/18/11 3:40pm

Rez Creator Talks About Positive Power of Games, Plays Child of Eden at…

Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the developer behind Space Channel 5, Lumines, and Rez—and its upcoming spiritual sequel Child of Eden—joined the long list of smart, creative types who can boast of having their own TED talk. What does Mizuguchi think is an "idea worth spreading"? » 5/24/11 7:30pm 5/24/11 7:30pm

Answering Questions About Vibrators Is so Embarrassing

Making video games that support them, however, is totally awesome. In 2002, game designer Testuya Mizuguchi made a "trance vibrator" for his synethesia shooter Rez. The trance vibrator even came in a washable "protective glove". » 4/28/11 8:20am 4/28/11 8:20am

This Child Of Eden Trailer Is Gaming Synaesthesia [Update]

Dated for June, Child of Eden is the upcoming rhythm action game from Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the game designer responsible for the classic shooter Rez. » 3/30/11 6:30am 3/30/11 6:30am

Child of Eden Has A 'Beauty' Unlike Rez And A Vibrating Belt

The moment that Child of Eden, the follow-up to Sega's trippy musical shooter Rez, starts to look evolutionarily different from its predecessor is during the level known as "Beauty." It's a trip through a softly colored, garden-like alien world, full of bizarre abstract creatures. » 2/28/11 6:30pm 2/28/11 6:30pm

Preview: Finding Happiness With Child of Eden

Developer Q? Entertainment's Child of Eden finds players in a happier place than the game it was inspired by, the trippy 2001 musical shooter Rez. » 9/28/10 12:20pm 9/28/10 12:20pm

Child of Eden's Ending Will Feature Your Happiest Moments

Tetsuya Mizuguchi wants to share your "happy feelings" with the world—or at least with the people who play Child of Eden, developer Q? Entertainment's spiritual sequel to the classic synaesthetic shooter Rez. » 9/28/10 12:00pm 9/28/10 12:00pm

Child Of Eden's TGS Footage Gets The Party Started

The more we see of Tetsuya Mizuguchi's new game, the more the similarities to his previous masterpiece Rez become apparent, but that's OK. Rez with better graphics and lots of rhythmic arm waving will be lots of people's cups of tea. » 9/18/10 12:30am 9/18/10 12:30am

Resident Evil Creator's New Horror Game Is Called...

First made public in early 2008, Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and No More Heroes designer Goichi Suda have teamed up with EA on a new game. According to Japanese game mag Famitsu, that game has a title. » 9/14/10 11:30pm 9/14/10 11:30pm

Is Child of Eden A Downloadable Game? Well, No.

There has been confusion about how multi-platform motion title Child of Eden is going to be released. The game's developer has cleared up that confusion. » 9/10/10 2:00am 9/10/10 2:00am

Is Child of Eden Everything You Want From A Rez Sequel? [Update]

Fans of the video game Rez from Tetsuya Mizuguchi—people of discriminating taste—should be ecstatic to learn that a sequel, in spiritual form, is coming. Child of Eden is what Rez would be if controlled by the human body. » 6/18/10 8:00am 6/18/10 8:00am