How to Annoy Metal Gear's Creator: Ask Him About Project Ogre

Remember when Hideo Kojima jokingly told » 9/03/12 4:45am 9/03/12 4:45am readers to petition Konami so that he didn't have to make anymore? Good times. But as the stunning debut trailer for the newest , the open world game , proves, yes, Hideo Kojima does have to make .

Metal Gear Creator's Next Game is Set In a "Very Open World"

Hideo Kojima, creator and curator of the Metal Gear franchise, sure loves a tease. Speaking with CNN recently, he starts to get into details about his upcoming game, then like all good teases do, pulls up short just before you get to the good stuff. » 12/21/11 4:30am 12/21/11 4:30am