Project Gotham Racing 4 Reduced To $70 Peripheral Bundle

Poor PGR4. I think it's easily » 9/10/08 4:30am 9/10/08 4:30am this generation's best driving game, but it was dropped onto the market and left to die by Microsoft, and then ignored by pundits during the Christmas 07 rush. So sad. It deserved better! Much better than the fate that awaits it Christmas, with reports coming out of the GameStop Expo…

Goodbye, Project Gotham Racing 4, You Will Be Missed

I'm going to level with you: Project Gotham Racing 4 is my favourite racing game of all time. Hands down. Yes, other games feature more content, and yes, other games are more "realistic", but you know, I don't care. They can't match it for visual flair, they can't match it for sound design, and they definitely can't… » 5/09/08 5:30am 5/09/08 5:30am