Free-to-Play Or Not, The New Ace Combat Looks Pretty Great

Let's forget about microtransactions for a second and concentrate on what makes Ace Combat great: the gameplay and the atmosphere. These two gameplay videos have plenty of both. » 10/04/13 7:20am 10/04/13 7:20am

Ace Combat Infinity's Story Mode is Free. As for Multiplayer...

Ace Combat Infinity is Namco Bandai's upcoming free to play aerial combat game for the PlayStation 3. Project leader Kazutoki Kono says that for this game, they're going back to the roots and standards of the Ace Combat series. » 9/26/13 7:00am 9/26/13 7:00am

The New Ace Combat Hits This Year, Will Be A Free-To-Play Game

Today, Namco Bandai announced that the recently revealed Ace Combat Infinity, their newest entry into the long-standing Ace Combat series of flight-action games, will hit the PS3 "later in 2013" as a free-to-play title. » 8/02/13 6:00am 8/02/13 6:00am

There's A New Ace Combat, And It's Coming to the PS3

The trailer up top was released by Namco Bandai to announce the newest title in the Ace Combat series of flight-action games, called Infinity. » 7/19/13 6:20am 7/19/13 6:20am

The Helicopters, Bombers, and Gunships of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

It's Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Friday once again, and this week Project Aces gives us a detailed look at what we'll be flying when the fighter jets are grounded. » 9/09/11 12:20pm 9/09/11 12:20pm

Fresh Fighter Jet Porn for Ace Combat Fans

It's Ace Combat Assault Horizon Friday, boys and girls, and you know what that means: Project Aces is parading four sexy fighter craft players will be slipping inside when the game drops October 11. » 9/02/11 11:30am 9/02/11 11:30am

Assault Horizon Rebuilds Ace Combat From The Ground Up

After yesterday's trailer piqued our curiosity, Namco Bandai delivers more details on Assault Horizon, a game being called a "complete rebirth" for the Ace Combat franchise, or "steel carnage in the sky." » 8/10/10 2:30pm 8/10/10 2:30pm

Ace Combat Returns To The PSP

Project Aces returns to the PlayStation Portable this summer in Ace Combat Joint Assault, bringing fierce aerial battles to the skies of London, San Francisco, and Tokyo. » 1/12/10 11:20am 1/12/10 11:20am

The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces Preview: Guileless, But Not Innocent

Everyone loves the Ace Combat games for their action-y flight simulation and normally fabulous graphics – both of which are selling points for The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces. » 8/28/09 8:20pm 8/28/09 8:20pm