​The Xbox One Launch, Minus The Hype

Microsoft has had a noisy year. The response to the Xbox One's unpopular always-online DRM was deafening. The response to the eventual reversal of those policies was even louder. In the midst of all the noise, beyond the cancelled policies and muddled messaging, lies a video game console. What's that thing all about,… » 11/06/13 11:59am 11/06/13 11:59am

The Best Gamers on the Planet Are Trying to Kill Batman

The writer who teams up two of the world's most popular superheroes every month says that Superman probably plays a lot of iPhone games. Batman? Civilization all the way, with old school board games in the mix, too. But a next-next-next-generation console being used by a supervillain might prove to be more than either… » 11/05/13 4:00pm 11/05/13 4:00pm

Peggle 2 Might Be the Reason Your Grandma Would Want an Xbox One

I had a bit of cognitive whiplash when I saw Peggle 2 this afternoon. Its predecessor is a game that’s everywhere. Your mom or even grandmother probably plays it, or something heavily inspired by it. The browser version of the first Peggle is what helped its viral spread but there I was playing it on an Xbox One… » 10/09/13 5:30pm 10/09/13 5:30pm

XCOM Has Changed. See For Yourself.

Strategy games have a tendency to straddle an area between slow, decisive moves and the chaos of action happening seemingly out of your hands and all around you. Some strategy games are slower-paced than others. As tense as things can get in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it’s more or less leaned towards the ease of turn-based… » 10/09/13 8:00am 10/09/13 8:00am

Assassin's Creed IV Looks Good So Far. But Can It Save The Series?

In 22 days' time, we'll know what's really up with the next Assassin's Creed. We'll know if all of those trailers and videos Ubisoft has been pumping out for AC IV: Black Flag—13 of them!—have been the oozing confidence of a team that knows they've made a great game or have been the sprayed misdirection of a marketing… » 10/07/13 10:40am 10/07/13 10:40am

Finally, A Super Mario Game We Can All Be Excited About

It's been a while since a new Super Mario Bros. game looked amazing. Agree? We all respect the New Super Mario Bros. games, right? They're classic... like Nintendo just baked a great new loaf of bread. Refined... like Nintendo just wrote a new sonnet. But exciting? Not really. That's where November's new Mario comes… » 10/03/13 2:00pm 10/03/13 2:00pm

Grand Theft Auto V Almost Killed My Watch Dogs Buzz...But It's Back

Grand Theft Auto V is so well-made, so visually impressive—even on my creaky old Xbox 360—that it could crush any excitement I might have for any other 2013 open-world action games that are set in big cities and let you steal cars and cause mayhem. There is that risk. » 10/02/13 12:50pm 10/02/13 12:50pm

I Wish All Video Games Had Premises This Good

A good video game can get a lot of mileage out of its premise. Lots of games sell themselves on some sort of gameplay hook: It's a stealth game… and you can fly! But how about old-school adventure games? They're all story. To hook you, they've gotta start strong. » 9/12/13 9:00pm 9/12/13 9:00pm

A Revamped Assassin's Creed: Liberation Is Coming To Consoles

I really did want to play Assassin's Creed: Liberation. New Orleans! Creole accents! Bayous! A badass black lady protagonist! And yet... I never did. Finally, it looks like that's going to change. » 9/10/13 3:30am 9/10/13 3:30am