Seven Years Later, Deadly Plague Returns to World of Warcraft

Late last night, reports WoW Insider, Death Knights in World of Warcraft contracted a bug which allowed them to cast plagues upon friendly targets. The afflicted death knights, as per their namesake, went apeshit with this newfound power, laying waste to Azeroth's population in a way not seen since the infamous… »9/15/12 3:00pm9/15/12 3:00pm

Shoot Ninjas, Pirates, Viruses, and Gorillas in Our Newest Xbox Live Indie Favorites

Every couple of weeks, we recommend some of the best games on the Xbox Live Indie channel. These are the games on the fringe of the Xbox 360 platform, made by average Joes and indie dreamers. They're peer-reviewed, not Microsoft-approved and thankfully they're not all about posing your Xbox Avatar or a vibrating… »8/02/11 8:00pm8/02/11 8:00pm