Fully Posable Star Wars Action Figures, in Pixelated Form

Thirtysomething gamers will recognize plenty in this isometric pixelated depiction of the original run of Kenner Star Wars action figures from the first film to Return of the Jedi. I remember Luke Skywalker: Bespin Fatigues, the first action figure with two weapons. Spent the entire summer of 1980 coveting that one. » 5/12/11 9:30pm 5/12/11 9:30pm

Meet The New Cave Story Hero, Same As The Old Cave Story Hero

Remember that Cave Story graphics comparison we ran a while back » 11/15/08 1:30am 11/15/08 1:30am? Showing how the upcoming Wii version was making some slight, yet , changes to the way the game's characters looked? Got another one for you today. And it's probably the most radical, not to mention , of the lot. Look at his little nose! And his little…