Ubisoft Announcez $224 Million In Q2 Salez

French video game publisher Ubisoft announced its quarterly results today, which are up over 37%, resulting in a second quarter take of about $224 million (€175 million). The company attributes its better than expected results to Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway » 10/23/08 9:00pm 10/23/08 9:00pm and for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. But you know…

Why Do Ubisoft End Animal Games With An Inappropriate "Z"?

Yeah, it was a joke. The new Prince of Persia DS game is not called Imagine: Prinze of Perzia. But it so could have been. Why? Because Ubisoft love putting the letter "Z" at the end of their game titles. Petz, Babyz, Catz, Dogz, they love it. Even if you don't. So why do they persist with it? Is it some cunning… » 6/27/08 6:30am 6/27/08 6:30am