Kirk's Top 11 Games Of 2012

I played more games in 2012 than any other year of my life. It was a weird—but thoroughly wonderful—year, and one that upset a lot of my expectations. Games I'd assumed would be amazing fell short of the mark, while others came out of nowhere to become fast favorites. » 1/03/13 9:00pm 1/03/13 9:00pm

Jason's Top Ten Games Of 2012

You don't realize just how good a gaming year it's been until you look back at all of the games you actually played. From physics puzzlers to ninja simulators, 2012's library was full of interesting, creative, unique experiences. » 1/03/13 4:00pm 1/03/13 4:00pm

The Best Video Game Music of 2012

You press a button, and the beat drops. Forward you fly, straight into the perilous unknown, beats pushing against your eardrums as you push back against the controller. Tempo and harmony swim together, and you lose yourself in the rhythm of play. » 12/13/12 8:00pm 12/13/12 8:00pm

Persona 4 Golden's Soaring Soundtrack Is Love At First Listen

Music is, as I've written here so many times I've lost count, a part of the soul of any good video game. The beats and melodies that propel us forward are more than just aural decoration, they're a vital aspect of the character and feel of a game.

Last weekend, after 65 hours, countless battles, and a metric ton of… » 11/29/12 9:00pm 11/29/12 9:00pm

Persona 4 Golden: The Kotaku Review

Jason: Hey, Kirk. So you're playing Persona 4 Golden, and I'm playing Persona 4 Golden, and we both have lots of things to say about Persona 4 Golden. Maybe instead of one of us reviewing it and the other one chiming in later, we should review it together? » 11/21/12 6:00pm 11/21/12 6:00pm

Holy Cow, It's A Ton Of New Persona 4 Golden Videos

Have I mentioned that I'm excited about Persona 4 Golden? Honestly, it's the one reason I'm thrilled to have a Vita, and one of the games I'm most looking forward to this fall. And would you look at that? Atlus has dropped a ton of new videos of the game on their YouTube channel. » 10/11/12 10:30pm 10/11/12 10:30pm