The Two Superhero MMOs Not Facing Imminent Death Are Doing Just Fine

As fans gather in a desperate attempt to save the doomed City of Heroes from its announced closure, DC Universe Online unleashes mystical forces with its latest expansion and Dr. Destroyer's army of Destroid robots rises in Champions Online in celebration of the game's third anniversary. » 9/18/12 9:30pm 9/18/12 9:30pm

Meanwhile, in the DC…

Neverwinter Takes a Fast-Paced, Streamlined Stab (and Swing, and Zap) at D&D

I sat down in Perfect World's E3 demo room on Tuesday unsure what I should expect from Neverwinter. I remember trying Dungeons and Dragons Online back in 2006 when it was new, and I've poked ineffectually at Neverwinter Nights a few times in my life, but neither ever captivated me. I respected those games' goals, but… » 6/06/12 7:20am 6/06/12 7:20am

Perfect World International Beta Registration Opens

So, we mentioned that the English-speaking world is getting its own version of Perfect World » 7/26/08 12:30pm 7/26/08 12:30pm, so it can stop piggybacking on a couple of servers on the Malaysian version; along with another launch comes another closed beta, which will be starting on August 19th. The has more information on giveaways and the like, or…