My Favorite Rhythm Game Series Makes Its Stunning (and Stumbly) iPhone…

With DJMax Technika Tune bringing a different take on Korea's premiere rhythm game to the PlayStation Vita later this month, fans of the original can score a heavy dose of track-based tapping with DJMax Ray on the iPhone, if they don't mind dealing with a bit of bugginess. » 10/09/12 11:30am 10/09/12 11:30am

Our First Teasing Glance at DJMax Technika Tune for the PlayStation Vita

Korea's charmingly difficult rhythm game series makes the leap to the PlayStation Vita this Summer with DJMax Technika Tune. Mmmm, touch the music. » 4/13/12 9:45am 4/13/12 9:45am

DJ Max Portable 3 Turns The Tables With Triple-Track Remixing

PM Studios and developer Pentavision mix things up in DJ Max Portable 3 with a three-track remixing system causing fingers to fly even faster over the PSP's buttons later this year. » 8/06/10 4:30pm 8/06/10 4:30pm

DJ Max Fever's Extremely Limited, Ultra-Expensive Edition

Fans of Pentavision's DJ Max series are a fiercely loyal bunch, but are they fiercely loyal enough to shell out $130 for the ultra-limited the crew edition of DJ Max Fever for the PSP? » 4/09/09 3:20pm 4/09/09 3:20pm

Korea Getting More DJ Max (More Pretty Art)

Korean developer Pentavision has announced that, yes, there isn't just one new DJ Max » 9/03/08 3:00am 9/03/08 3:00am title coming out, but two. The PSP rhythm title will be released in two different forms: and . Pentavision is trying to satisfy both casual and hardcore gamers, but Korean website Ruliweb doesn't specify if these each are divided…

DJ Max Gets American Release

Hey, what's hot with the kids right now? Music games, that's what. Particularly the ones where you hit buttons in time with scrolling cues. It's into this receptive market, then, that PM Studios will be publishing DJ Max Fever, with the Korean fave (Fever is a mix of DJ Max Portable and DJ Max 2) due to receive its… » 8/13/08 5:30am 8/13/08 5:30am