Crimson Dragon Didn’t Have Any Sound, Still Looks Awesome

If you loved the Panzer Dragoon games, then you’ve been waiting a long time for a sequel to all the flying, fire-breathing action. Microsoft showed the long-teased follow-up—destined for Xbox One—today at their E3 event but the sound wasn’t working for the gameplay snippet. And yeah, folks in attendance had to laugh… »6/10/13 1:40pm6/10/13 1:40pm

Latin and Vincent Gallo: The Panzer Dragoon/Phantom Dust Mixtape

We all have cynical days: days when every single game looks bland and you resist the urge to push yourself away from your desk in disgust and shout "If I don't see something something cool in the next ten minutes, I'm done with gaming!".

And just as you're about to call the whole hobby off, someone reminds you… »7/12/12 8:20pm7/12/12 8:20pm