The Best Thing About Titanfall Is Not The Giant Robots

From the marketing to the name of the game itself, Titanfall pitches itself as a game defined by its use of giant combat mechs. And indeed, in your first few hours with the game, that'll be all you really pay attention to. » 3/10/14 9:30pm 3/10/14 9:30pm

A Super-Technical Look At The Lighting Of BioShock Infinite

Programmers don't generally have reels, but we do have blogs. I've been explaining the rendering work I did on BioShock Infinite quite a bit due to recent events, and I thought it made sense to write some of it down. For the bulk of development, I was the only on-site graphics programmer. As Principal Graphics… » 3/06/14 10:40am 3/06/14 10:40am

Another Big 2014 Video Game Is Ditching Last-Gen Consoles. Cool.

Today, Warner Bros. announced a new Batman game, called Arkham Knight. It's got some exciting features: An open-world Gotham City! A drivable Batmobile! And equally exciting, it's only coming out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. » 3/04/14 6:32pm 3/04/14 6:32pm

Republican Tax Plan Would Screw "Violent Video Game" Companies

Tax credits are the kinds of things that most video game lovers wouldn't think about when considering where their favorite releases come from. But the publishers and developers that distribute and create games depend on them when figuring out the financials of their particular businesses. Now, a Republican tax proposal … » 2/27/14 4:00pm 2/27/14 4:00pm

Why I am Unable to Enjoy Space Dandy

A few weeks back, I polled our user-run blog, Talk Amongst Yourselves, about what they thought the best anime of winter 2014 is. Hands down, the answer was the latest anime from the creators of Cowboy Bebop: Space Dandy. Unfortunately, it is an anime I am completely unable to enjoy. » 2/21/14 8:00am 2/21/14 8:00am

Flappy Bird Is Making $50,000 A Day With Mario-Like Art [UPDATE 3]

UPDATE (2/10/14): Following the Feb 8 update to this piece, we've now published an apology to Flappy Bird's creator and a full accounting of what I believe was going on with reaction to the game. Please find that here. -Stephen Totilo, Editor-in-Chief, » 2/06/14 12:35pm 2/06/14 12:35pm

Signs That You Have An Unhealthy Obsession With A Game

BestGameShowEver is a brand new series on YouTube from one of our favorite DayZ-obsessed YouTubers. In today's launch of said series, they invite several other hosts and producers of various other YouTube shows to discuss what it means to be obsessed with a game. We're talking interrupt-your-lifestyle levels of… » 2/05/14 9:40am 2/05/14 9:40am

When Is A Console Worth Buying?

Most people probably don't consider themselves early adopters unless they're really excited about that newest black box that lets you play games. Dedicated fans, gadget enthusiasts, that kinda thing. But there are other considerations, too. Like, how many games are out for the thing? How much do they cost? How much… » 1/31/14 11:31am 1/31/14 11:31am

About Jewish Stereotypes And Video Games...

There aren't a lot of Jews in video games. This is something I've always found interesting—considering the disproportionate number of Jews in the world of film and television—but not particularly unusual. Jews make up less than 0.2% of the world's population, so it only makes sense that we'd be in less than 0.2% of the … » 1/28/14 3:30pm 1/28/14 3:30pm

Hold Your Horses, Don't Get Excited about Consoles in China...Yet

Earlier this week, China's State Council sneakily released a document about regulations in the nifty Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Due to this release, media outlets have been calling China's archaic 13-year ban on video games consoles to be over. I'm here to rain on everyone's parade. » 1/08/14 8:00am 1/08/14 8:00am