Now THIS is Okami in HD

After years of people asking, Capcom and Sony are finally releasing Okami in high definition on the PS3. While we've seen some screens of the project, they still look a little...jaggy. Maybe not as "HD" as people were hoping. Definitely not as gorgeous as these screens. » 6/24/12 11:00pm 6/24/12 11:00pm

How Does HD Okami Compare to the Original? See for Yourself.

Okami is coming to the PlayStation 3 in 1080p—that's full HD! The game was originally released on the PlayStation 2, and while it was a beautiful game, hi-def graphics are going to make Okami sparkle.

Don't believe me? Capcom released a series of comparison images on the game's official site. Obviously, the better… » 6/21/12 5:00am 6/21/12 5:00am