Fake Gamer of the Week: Girl Who Stores Game Controllers In Her Underwear

We've all been there, Girl Who Stores Game Controllers In Her Underwear. Sometimes, it gets really hot outside. You're sitting in your apartment in your underwear, playing some video games to make the sweltering afternoon go by faster.

You get up to pour a glass of ice water, but the controller you're holding is… » 7/02/12 4:01pm 7/02/12 4:01pm

Fake Gamer of the Week: Ragequitting Baby

We've all been there, Ragequitting Baby. You're playing a quick round of capture the flag online, and there's this guy on the other team who just won't. Stop. Killing you. And as he does so, he lets loose an unending stream of invective, racial slurs, and all manner of other disgusting language.

He probably doesn't… » 6/11/12 3:31pm 6/11/12 3:31pm

Fake Gamer of the Week: Don't Trust the Pretty Redhead, Mr. Orange

Being an orange is hard. You grow up on a tree, surrounded by friends, only to be plucked at your ripest, crated, and shipped off to a grocery store, destined to be devoured by health-conscious shoppers.

So when you found yourself in bed with a lovely redheaded woman gamer, you thought you had avoided your fate.… » 5/21/12 3:30pm 5/21/12 3:30pm