​Someone Beat Ninja Gaiden II's Hardest Setting Without Taking Damage

If you've played Ninja Gaiden II, you know that it's a game that's pretty tough on its third-hardest Mentor difficulty. On the Master Ninja setting, it makes grown men cry. Except for the Chinese player who seems to have beaten the game at its hardest without getting a scratch. » 9/29/14 9:00am 9/29/14 9:00am

Guy Who Makes Hard Games Would Like To Apologize

Tomonobu Itagaki, the cigarette smokin' and hard drinkin' game designer behind Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, has something to say. He would like to say he's sorry. » 8/04/10 8:30am 8/04/10 8:30am

Ayane, Your Face Looks A Little Different

Dead or Alive character Ayane makes an appearance in Ninja Gaiden II Σ just like she did in Ninja Gaiden II. Though, she's changed slightly. » 7/27/09 8:00am 7/27/09 8:00am

Can We Expect More Ninja Gaiden Games? Can We?

When game designer Tomonobu Itagaki headed up Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden franchise, he stated that Ninja Gaiden II was the last title in the series. But the franchise isn't his anymore. » 5/15/09 11:00pm 5/15/09 11:00pm

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Looks Light On Bloody Violence

The trailer for Xbox 360 title Ninja Gaiden II was a pure gore porn, complete with bloody slicing and dicing. The trailer of the PS3 reworking Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 seems, well, different. » 3/24/09 2:00am 3/24/09 2:00am

Xbox 360 Exclusive Ninja Gaiden II Coming To PS3

This fall, Ninja Gaiden Σ 2 is coming to Sony's PLAYSTATION 3. The game is a PS3 remake of the "Only on Xbox 360" title Ninja Gaiden II. » 3/17/09 5:00am 3/17/09 5:00am

Best Buy Starts New Year Off With $9.99 Deals

Did you pass on Ninja Gaiden II, just like me? With Best Buy blowing the game out at just $9.99, it's going to be hard to pass on now. And the deals don't stop there. » 1/12/09 3:40pm 1/12/09 3:40pm

Ninja Gaiden II: One Million Served

Chin up, Itagaki. You went out a winner! Tecmo have announced today that Ninja Gaiden II has now sold over one million copies worldwide since release. Which, really, they'll be over the moon about considering the game launched with little marketing and (come on, let's be honest) wasn't even as good as the first one.… » 8/29/08 1:30am 8/29/08 1:30am

Ninja Gaiden II Freezing Problems, Temporary Solutions

While the freezing issue » 8/11/08 5:40pm 8/11/08 5:40pms with Ninja Gaiden II that arose with the title update and mission mode downloadable content pack towards the end of last month have yet to be fixed, Microsoft assures us that they are working closely with Tecmo and Team Ninja towards a solution. There is currently no ETA for a new update.…

Ninja Gaiden II Mission Pack Take 2

Well TECMO and Microsoft did release their Ninja Gaiden II Mission Pack this past Friday as promised, which stealthily infiltrated players' games and killed them. Seems like a very ninja thing to do to me, but apparently users started getting a bit upset when their game started getting corruption errors after… » 7/28/08 11:20am 7/28/08 11:20am

First 4 Figures Does Ryu Hayabusa Right

If I had worked on Dead or Alive 4 with the folks at Team Ninja, I would definitely spend my bonus money on this amazing Ryu Hayabusa statue from First 4 Figures. The company that has brought us so many pretty works of Metroid » 7/25/08 11:20am 7/25/08 11:20am and art has been awarded the license for Ninja Gaiden II from Microsoft and TECMO, and the…

25 New Missions Tomorrow For Ninja Gaiden II

We knew Ninja Gaiden II Mission Mode was coming on July 25th, but what exactly is Mission Mode? Mission Mode is a pack of 25 new missions for the game, broken up into two sets. Karma missions involve trying to get the highest possible score, while survival missions are all about taking on hordes of enemies with a… » 7/24/08 7:40pm 7/24/08 7:40pm

The Meaning of Ninjy

They're the people in the shadows. You don't know their names, but you know their words. They localizers, the folks that take games not only from another language, but also another culture and open them up for another audience. "Good translation is tough to quantify," says Tokyo-based localizer Matt Alt. "If it's well… » 7/13/08 1:00pm 7/13/08 1:00pm

Ninja Gaiden II Mission Mode Hits Xbox Live July 25

Those looking for more to do in Ninja Gaiden II should start rooting through the couch cushions for loose Microsoft Points, because details on the game's DLC have appeared, like, out of nowhere. One second there's a puff of smoke, the next Gamersyde reports that you'll be paying 800 MS Points for 25 new missions via… » 7/09/08 10:00pm 7/09/08 10:00pm

Ninja Gaiden II Mission Mode Coming This Month

July is Ninja Month! So says Xbox Live, which now randomly sports a Ninja Live ad which takes you to ninja paradise. Well, not exactly ninja paradise. In ninja paradise, you'd all be dead. Instead, you get links to ninja movies and television shows, ninja games, ninja style, and this particular Ninja Gaiden II page,… » 7/03/08 12:20pm 7/03/08 12:20pm

Ninja Gaiden II Outfits Are Out

Ninja Gaiden II owners, Tecmo has stuff for you to buy. Today, three costume packs for Ryu Hayabusa went up on Xbox LIVE. The three packs (dubbed "Demon", "Shadow Walker", and "BioMetal") are 200 Microsoft Points a piece - that's $2.50 in US money. Each pack contains five costumes variations on the pack's theme. So… » 7/03/08 1:00am 7/03/08 1:00am

NECA's Ninja Gaiden II Figure

Whoah, NECA! Slow down! You'll wear yourself out, then you won't be any good to anyone. Not content with releasing God of War figures, and Gears of War of War figures, and Bionic Commando figures, they've just released shots of a Ninja Gaiden II figure as well. Of course, it's of Ryu Hayabusa, who'll stand 7" tall and… » 6/24/08 8:20am 6/24/08 8:20am

Rumor:36 on Team Ninja Quitting, Planning Lawsuit

The Itagaki-Tecmo pissing match may have hit a new level of animosity. 1Up, attributing only "word on the street," reports that as many as 36 key members of Team Ninja are walking, and preparing a class-action lawsuit against Tecmo regarding unpaid bonuses they were due for completed games. » 6/15/08 6:30pm 6/15/08 6:30pm