Outcast Seriously Looks Like The Ultimate Nic Cage Movie

Nic Cage has pushed the limits of acting in the past — but with Outcast, his new movie coming out next week, he's redefining acting completely. Just watch the Shatnerian delivery of "I AM the White Ghost!" and the bizarre line-reading of "Their blood will be ON OUR BLADES!" It's just... sublime. Watch the trailer for… » 1/30/15 5:30am 1/30/15 5:30am

Epic Chinese Car Ad Is Proof That Nic Cage Still Needs Money

Nic Cage didn't earn his reputation as "America's sweetheart" for no reason. No sir. The man acted in National Treasure, Gone In 60 Seconds, Ghost Rider, and many other high caliber films. But now he takes on his greatest acting challenge: An ad for the BAIC Senova D-Series. And he nails it! » 5/15/13 5:37am 5/15/13 5:37am