The PS4 Reveal Gets Crazy On Taiwanese News

Next Media, the Taiwanese news team now internet-famous for their bizarre animated sequences, have today turned their attentions towards the announcement of the PlayStation 4. » 2/22/13 1:30am 2/22/13 1:30am

Airline Pissed about Masturbation News Clip. Wait, What?

Taiwan's Next Media » 10/05/12 5:30am 10/05/12 5:30am, famous for its like news recreations, totally pissed off Cathay Pacific when it ran a video showing male passengers pleasuring themselves in business class.

These Weather Girls Do More than Make Weather Fun

Taiwan's Weather Girls are have their sights set on Japan—not to make the weather "more fun" (they've already done that, apparently!) Rather, they hope to make it as popstars.

Weather Girls originally debuted in August 2010 and were the brainchild of Next Media, the Taiwanese TV network famous for creating Sims-like… » 8/31/12 7:20am 8/31/12 7:20am

In Taiwan, the Weather News Is Fit for an Apocolyptic Future and Huge…

Rain has been hitting Taiwan hard. As Taiwanese people check the weather, they might notice something familiar: that 3D rainfall map sure looks like something out of Neon Genesis Evangelion » 6/14/12 7:30am 6/14/12 7:30am.

Foxconn's Boss Seems Like a Jerk. He Has a Super Strong Umbrella.

Terry Gou, head of Foxconn, gets the Next Media Animation treatment, complete with an umbrella that deflects suicide jumpers. » 2/02/12 5:00am 2/02/12 5:00am

The Dancing, Cosplaying Girls Out To Make the Weather Fun

Your local news station might have a weatherman. It might have a weather woman. Taiwan has weather girls—make that, Weather Girls. » 12/09/11 3:00am 12/09/11 3:00am

The Carmen Sandiego Movie Won't Be This Good

That is, if they make the damn thing. Education game Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? was turned into a TV show during the 1990s, and Hollywood once planned to have Sandra Bullock as thief Carmen. » 11/16/11 4:00am 11/16/11 4:00am