The Captain America Video Game is Better Than It Should Be

Not only is the Captain America movie better than it should have been (or so I read), but the Captain America: Super Soldier video game, released in conjunction with the movie this week, is better than we usually get from super-hero movie games. » 7/22/11 2:00pm 7/22/11 2:00pm

The New Captain America Game Includes This Perfect Captain America…

I consider Captain America to be a bit boring. I mean, what's he got... a shield and some steroids? Still, I respect the Marvel hero's popularity and I think I know what makes Captain America who he is. So I was happy to see, early on in the new Captain America: Super Soldier video game, the scene I captured for you… » 7/21/11 9:00pm 7/21/11 9:00pm

Captain America's Next Game Borrows From Arkham Asylum, Punch-Out

My starting point for thinking about a Captain America video game was a bad one: That guy's pretty boring, right? He's a strong man who punches, kicks and uses a shield. How do you make a special game from that? » 10/14/10 1:40pm 10/14/10 1:40pm

Punch-Out!! Developer Envisions, Wants Sequel

Unsurprisingly, the developer of the critically acclaimed Wii re-imagining of Nintendo's Punch-Out!! would like to make a sequel. Yes, Next Level Games enjoys steady work and continued paychecks apparently. But the proposed ideas for a sequel are what's interesting. » 7/29/09 9:30pm 7/29/09 9:30pm