Giving Money as a Gift, Turned into an Art Form

One of the many New Years' customs in Japan is the handing out of "Otoshidama" (ใŠๅนด็Ž‰) โ€“ something of a New Years' allowance where elders give money to their younger relatives. But this being a custom doesn't mean there aren't ways to make it entertaining. See for yourself. » 1/02/15 8:00am 1/02/15 8:00am

We know what video game stars should be working towards in 2014, but what about video game companies? Yesterday we posted some jokey promises protagonists should make for 2014, and in response Kotaku reader Arden posted a list of proposed promises video game companies should be making. They're pretty great. » 1/02/14 5:30pm 1/02/14 5:30pm

It Just Wouldn't Be New Year's Without Anime Girls on Wooden Plaques

In Japan, New Year's isn't just about the dropping of the ball. It's the turning of a new leaf, and with it come numerous traditions from fortune telling to warding off evil spirits and drawing cute anime girls on wooden plaques... Wait, what? » 1/02/14 6:00am 1/02/14 6:00am

How To Get Drunk On Video Games Tonight

Aiming for a night in for New Year's Eve? Especially if you live in a big city and want to avoid obnoxious crowds, I imagine you might be. So here are a few drinking game suggestions that involve a console and a couch and some friends. Oh and your alcohol of choice. Fun night: secured. » 12/31/13 1:25pm 12/31/13 1:25pm