A New Vegas Mod That Makes Your Favorite My Little Pony Character Into A Companion

You know what the Mojave desert was missing? My Little Pony, of course. My Little Pony buddies, to be precise. Here's a mod by Kuroitsune and Riven1978 on New Vegas Nexus that allows you to have the MLP protagonists as your companions. Not all ponies are included—for now, there's only Luna, Celestia, Twilight,… »1/08/13 6:00pm1/08/13 6:00pm

Return To New Vegas: Social Experiments Bring Out The Worst In People

One of the most fascinating things about the Fallout franchise is the history of the vaults. Before United States was destroyed via atomic bombs, the government ordered the Vault-Tec corporation to build a number of underground safehouses. To the public, these vaults were supposed to help ensure the survival of the… »11/19/12 5:30pm11/19/12 5:30pm

Return To New Vegas: The Most Refreshing Video Game Sex I’ve Ever Had

My first brush with homosexuality was at age ten—and it happened thanks to Fallout 2. Imagine my surprise—being a girl with ultra religious parents—when I saw that given high enough charisma, my female character could flirt and then sleep with a woman named Miria in an early town. Before that I hadn't even considered… »11/09/12 12:00pm11/09/12 12:00pm