New Super Mario Brothers U DLC Puts Luigi in the Spotlight

The House of Mario is celebrating Luigi's 30th anniversary by releasing several titles focusing on Mario's twin brother. The New Super Luigi U DLC will rework existing levels in New Super Mario Brothers Wii U to deliver new experiences where players will control only Luigi. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said that… » 2/14/13 9:17am 2/14/13 9:17am

This is Surely the First of Many Wii U Super Mario Bros. Games

This is New Super Mario Bros. running on the Wii U. As with all of the Wii U software being shown at E3 in Los Angeles this week, it's Only A Prototype. Surely, though, the people at Nintendo will make some sort of Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii U. And maybe, as in this demo, it'll let us control Miis. » 6/07/11 3:06pm 6/07/11 3:06pm