Sure Looks Like Jet Set Radio's Headed to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network

The House of Sonic's dropped a vague but drip-filled teaser that strongly suggests that the beloved inline-skating, graffiti-tagging Jet Set Radio game will be hitting modern consoles soon. The killer soundtrack and high-contrast, brightly colored cartoon art style made developer Smilebit's Dreamcast game a hit, but… »2/23/12 1:45pm2/23/12 1:45pm

Hey! You Can Grab Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Playable Demo Today

If you're wanting to see just how different Final Fantasy XIII-2 is from its predecessor, you finally be able to check out a demo today. The playable snippets of Square Enix's epic fantasy sequel go live on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live today. If you're not in front of a console right now, the video above shows… »1/10/12 5:15pm1/10/12 5:15pm

Capcom's Bringing Darkstalkers to PSN Later This Month

With the resurgence of Street Fighter and the Marvel vs. Capcom series well under way, there's one franchise in Capcom's stable of fighting games that enthusiasts have been clamoring for the last few years. Ported to the PlayStation in 1996, Darkstalkers sported gorgeous 16-bit art and several innovations that won it… »11/17/11 11:40am11/17/11 11:40am