British Commentary Makes Everything Funnier, Especially Basketball

Comedian Anthony Richardson knows how to make basketball even more entertaining — fill it with hilarious, clueless commentary that seems to be voiced by somebody who has never watched a game of hoops in his life.

Check out this video of him commentating on an NBA 2k12-simulated matchup of last week's NBA All Star Game. »2/29/12 12:20pm2/29/12 12:20pm

Get Your Artsy Hoops On With NBA 2K12’s Legends Showcase DLC, Available Now

Today's launch day for 2K Sports' premium DLC add-on for their pro hoops title. As previously mentioned, Legends Showcase lets you play in a cel-shaded Times Square with 40 new Legends hoopsters in a variety of modes. Also on display is how you're My Player looks when imported into the Legends modes. You know all of… »11/29/11 2:40pm11/29/11 2:40pm

Bask in the New Game Modes and Artsy Glory of NBA 2K12’s Legends Showcase

Announced earlier today, NBA 2K12's Legends Showcase will drop 45 new stories players into 2K Sports' hit b-ball title. You can take a look at how the new graphical style looks in the trailer and screens posted above. Legends Showcase will also include several new modes and mini-games like H-O-R-S-E and 21. You'll… »11/03/11 11:40am11/03/11 11:40am

45 B-Ball Greats Coming to NBA 2K12 This Holiday with the Legends Showcase Add-On

Listen, I've been a New York Knick fan all my long-suffering life, but I never thought onetime dunk champ Kenny "Sky" Walker would ever be deemed a video game legend. But there he is, sitting on the new list of incoming all-stars that 2K Sports will be adding to their hit basketball game. For 9.99 or 800 Microsoft… »11/03/11 9:00am11/03/11 9:00am

Every Night is Basketball Appreciation Night in NBA 2K12

It is 2 a.m. and I'm going to score 60 points with Dell Curry. Having unlocked the 1992-1993 Charlotte Hornets—you had better believe it was the first thing I did in NBA 2K12—I've started Dell in place of Kendall Gill and he is, well, he's beating his son. Stephen Curry's Golden State Warriors have no answer for… »10/04/11 5:00pm10/04/11 5:00pm

One to Rock, One for the Box: A Quick Look at NBA 2K12's Killer Kicks

I have a nephew who's a bit of a sneaker enthusiast. He's done the whole line-up-at-midnight-for-new-Dunks thing, despite the fact that he's got size 14 feet. He's also a gamer and I took him to see a demo of NBA 2K12 earlier this summer. And, while he was polite enough not to ask about the in-game footwear in this… »10/03/11 12:40pm10/03/11 12:40pm