Princess Debut Charms Our Dancing Shoes Off

Back at E3, we had a chance to check out some of the titles Natsume is publishing in the US. Titles like Rune Factory 2 for the DS. It's of course the second Rune Factory game, which is best explained as Harvest Moon meets fantasyland. The game's going to be out this fall, and here's something I didn't know about it: … » 7/22/08 4:00am 7/22/08 4:00am

XSeed, Marvelous Team Up, Announce Valhalla Knights 2

Japanese RPG fans, rejoice. Japan-based publisher Marvelous Entertainment announced a co-publishing partnership with L.A.-based XSeed, who's best known for Shadow Hearts: From The New World and Wild Arms 4 and 5. Through the deal, Marvelous, who among other titles publishes Natsume's Harvest Moon series, gains more… » 5/09/08 2:40pm 5/09/08 2:40pm