Heroes of Ruin Is Rich With Ideas, Shorter on Atmosphere

Heroes of Ruin is a deft, well-implemented multiplayer-RPG—but right now it's lacking in distinctive character. The title, published by Square Enix and developed by n-Space, the team behind the GameCube action-adventure title Geist, is due to launch on the Nintendo 3DS in early 2012. So far, our exposure to the Heroes »6/13/11 9:00pm6/13/11 9:00pm

n-Space Co-founder, President Erick S. Dyke Dies

Erick S. Dyke, co-founder and president of the Orlando, Florida-based developer n-Space passed away earlier this week, succumbing to cancer. Dyke founded the company with partner Dan O’Leary, serving as president for 14 years. Developer n-Space was responsible for titles like the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2:… »11/12/08 5:30pm11/12/08 5:30pm

Call of Duty: World at War – None Dare Call It Call of Duty 5

Having played The Conduit right before my hands on time with Call of Duty: World at War on the Wii, I had the sudden and intense conviction that all shooters on the Wii had to be pretty, crisp and intuitive. World at War doesn’t fail on all these fronts, but it is far from pretty. World War II (or whatever conflict… »10/08/08 7:00pm10/08/08 7:00pm