Hellgate, Mythos Development Picked Up By Korean Publisher

So Flagship (and Hellgate) are sunk » 8/01/08 4:30am 8/01/08 4:30am, and Mythos along with them, right? Not necessarily! According to some job postings over on Gamasutra and DICE.com, Korean publisher T3 is opening a development studio in San Francisco, and will continue work on both titles. Seems random, but T3 own a controlling stake in…

Flagship Co-Founder: Hellgate Was Overambitious, Rushed

We're all pretty much aware that Hellgate: London failed, and I'd say we're all pretty sure of the reasoning behind that failure, but it's always nice to get confirmation from someone in the know. In an interview with Eurogamer mainly dealing with their new MMO Mythos, Flagship's operations chief and co-founder Max… » 7/08/08 10:40am 7/08/08 10:40am