The Roccat Savu Is Definitely the Best Mouse I've Ever Hated Using

It's hard to describe the benefits and drawbacks of a specific gaming mouse, in many ways. Certainly, I can discuss whether the drivers work, whether the buttons work, whether any programming is intuitive and whether the product works as advertised—and in a moment, I will. The biggest problem with describing a mouse,… » 11/21/12 4:00pm 11/21/12 4:00pm

Getting Prepared for Diablo III the SteelSeries Way

As I prepare to spend Tuesday through eternity putting Diablo III through its paces, SteelSeries sent along a care package of diabolical PC accessories to help make the most of the experience. Red glow abounds! » 5/11/12 1:40pm 5/11/12 1:40pm

The Transformers-Branded Gaming Accessory Hole Has Been Filled

The PC gaming accessories squad at Razer have teamed up with Hasbro to offer yet another bunch Transformers-branded items to beg my loved ones to get me for Christmas. » 9/30/11 6:40pm 9/30/11 6:40pm

Razer Caters to Both the Dark and Light Sides of the Force

Are you planning on siding with the Republic or the Empire when Star Wars: The Old Republic goes live? Either way Razer has you covered, with a line of expensive peripherals with interchangeable lights and decorations to show off your particular allegiance. » 6/07/11 1:51pm 6/07/11 1:51pm

Record of Agarest War's Really Naughty Limited Edition Lives Up To Its…

Breast-shaped mouse pads make their Western debut, along with several other naughty items in Record of Agarest War's Really Naughty Limited Edition for the Xbox 360, announced today with a slightly NSFW instructional video, in case instinct doesn't take over. » 1/26/10 3:20pm 1/26/10 3:20pm