The New MOGA Android Controllers Have The Power

For the past year, Power A has been chipping away at the Android accessory market with its MOGA line of game controllers, combining convenient clips with console-quality controls. Now they're releasing the MOGA Power line, adding device charging capability to a pair of slightly retooled controllers, at a price. » 11/11/13 8:08pm 11/11/13 8:08pm

There's Keyboard and Mouse, There's Dual Analogs—and Then There's This

Freddie Wong is one of our generation's finest war satirists, showing the idiocy of human conflict if everyone fought the way they did in video games. So when mobile gamepad maker MOGA wanted to commission a film showing how shit-tacular touch-screen controls are, there was really only one guy to go to. » 11/03/13 6:00pm 11/03/13 6:00pm

Rumored Moga iPhone Gaming Controller Has Thumbsticks (Updated)

According to @evleaks, what you're looking at here is a forthcoming iPhone gaming controller from mobile peripheral purveyor Moga. Like the simpler Logitech leak we saw before, the new controller mimics one of the reference designs released by Apple in the documentation for iOS 7. » 10/26/13 11:47am 10/26/13 11:47am

The MOGA Android Controller is Now Available in Large

Last year, peripheral maker Power A introduced the Android-gaming world to the MOGA controller system with a pocket-sized game pad with a clip for holding your phone. It's a nifty little device, but the game support wasn't quite as expansive as I'd like. Today Power A releases the MOGA Pro, a console-sized game pad… » 4/18/13 7:00pm 4/18/13 7:00pm

Check Out Modern Combat 4 Played on the MOGA Controller

Yesterday the Power A folks celebrated the Android launch of Modern Combat 4: Ridiculous Dialog by giving away (or attempting to give away) free MOGA game controllers with copies of the game. If you managed to score one, this is what you're in for. » 12/14/12 4:55pm 12/14/12 4:55pm

The MOGA Will Change the Way You Play (Several) Android Games

On October 21 Power A makes a bid for the blossoming Android game controller market with the MOGA, the innovative game pad/phone dock I've been pretty excited about since its announcement earlier this year. Now that I've had a week alone with the MOGA I'm still enthusiastic, but the unit's success hinges on much more… » 10/17/12 12:55pm 10/17/12 12:55pm

Major Retailers Rally Behind the MOGA Android Controller Solution

Due out October 21, PowerA's MOGA Android game controller system has caught the eye of plenty of mobile developers, but it's also got the attention of retailers, with more that 7,000 stores prepared to carry the $49.99 device come launch day. Who'd have thought it'd be showing up at Toys 'R' Us? » 10/09/12 8:55am 10/09/12 8:55am

Watch the Moga Change an Android Phone Into a Portable Gaming System

Last week in advance of its E3 2012 debut, Power A's MOGA mobile gaming system is a complete controller solution for mobile phone gamers and game developers. After a brief demonstration at Power A's booth earlier today, I'm convinced they've got a better way to play mobile games on their hands, or in ours. » 6/07/12 8:30am 6/07/12 8:30am