This Is About As Sexy As Ultima Gets

Origin's classic Ultima series was many things, but sexy, it was not. It was anti-sexy. Which is what makes this sexy "Ladies of Ultima" calendar all the surprising. » 11/12/09 2:00am 11/12/09 2:00am

Independent Xbox LIVE Game Banned For "Visual Sexual Assault Reminders"

And Yet, I Love You, an indie game developed for Xbox LIVE Indie Games Marketplace, has been pulled for being "too erotic". » 8/21/09 2:00am 8/21/09 2:00am

3D Custom Girl Developer Churns Out Xbox LIVE Game...

...about interior design. Erotic game maker Tech Arts 3D is best know for PC title 3D Custom Girl, which lets users create a customized, well, 3D girl. It's newest game could not be further from that. » 8/12/09 1:00am 8/12/09 1:00am

Olivia Munn Not Nude, Not for a Lack of Effort

No matter what was discussed, agreed, or signed, when you're in front of a Playboy lens, the nudity negotiation never ends. Olivia Munn learned that after two days with one of their more persistent stylists. » 6/20/09 12:00pm 6/20/09 12:00pm

Curvy Japanese Bikini Lady Shows Us Bape Nintendo DS

If you've spent time on the Japanese nerd internet, you've seen images like this: Pin-up model posing with game hardware. Very common! This, this one's got a little more. That's curvy swimsuit model Yuuri Morishita holding the pricey and hard-to-get Baby Milo/Bape limited edition Nintendo DS. While we noticed that… » 5/15/08 7:00am 5/15/08 7:00am

Xbox 360 Getting Sex Scene-Less Erotic Game

Once again proving that the Xbox 360 is the console for discerning consumers, 3D computer erotic game TimeLeap [NSFW] is getting an Xbox 360 version. In a newly released TimeLeap visual guidebook, the game's producer confirmed that an Xbox 360 version is planned this year. Interesting as the erotic game tried to… » 5/08/08 5:00am 5/08/08 5:00am