Minecraft: Pocket Edition Just Got A Whole Lot Better

The 0.9.0 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, which is the mobile version's biggest update yet, is out today on Android and iOS. It's quite the game changer. » 7/10/14 5:00am 7/10/14 5:00am

This Week's Android Charts: A Vector of Change

Vector's appearance as one of two new games in this week's Android chart has got me thinking about switching things up. There's just not enough variety in the traditional week-to-week top games rankings, so starting next week I'll be tracking top new games instead. » 3/07/13 5:55pm 3/07/13 5:55pm

This Week's Android Charts: Music of the Cubes Vs. Spheres

Just when you're ready to write off the Android gaming community's good taste, a game like ShockPanda's Cubes Vs. Spheres sneaks onto the charts, reminding us that there are discerning gamers on the platform. » 2/27/13 8:55am 2/27/13 8:55am

This Week's Android Charts: So Excited for a New Game I Don't Care That…

I've been rather hard on Activision's mobile Wipeout game in the past, largely because it's based on a silly television obstacle course show and not my beloved series of PlayStation hovercar racing games. Today I'm just so happy to see a new game in the Android paid charts that I don't care. C'mere Wipeout, you big… » 2/21/13 10:55am 2/21/13 10:55am

This Week's Android Charts: Google Play Could Really Use a 'New…

Oh look, it's Minecraft Pocket Edition at the top of the Android paid game charts, recovered from last week' brief bout of Ruzzle fever. There's not a single new game on the Android top paid charts, just the usual suspects shuffling about. Mosquitoes are starting to breed in it. » 2/13/13 10:55am 2/13/13 10:55am

How To Take a Minecraft Pick-Axe To Your Favorite Website

There is a thing called Minecraft Anywhere, which is not exactly something that lets you play Minecraft Anywhere. It's a marketing gimmick. A silly one, but a clever one, too! » 3/20/12 8:30pm 3/20/12 8:30pm

Minecraft's Mobile Version is Getting an Update in February

A free update due to arrive in February will bring Minecraft: Pocket Edition closer to the Survival Mode of the game's wildly popular PC version, says Daniel Kaplan of Minecraft maker Mojang. » 1/08/12 1:00pm 1/08/12 1:00pm

Survival Mode is Coming to the Portable Version of Minecraft

The experience that many people were hoping would be on the portable versions of Mojang's hit construction/adventure game should be finally coming to iOS and Android. » 12/06/11 12:40pm 12/06/11 12:40pm

Look It's Minecraft Playing on an iPhone... Sorta

Minecraft - Pocket Edition, released for Android back in August, has finally made its way to the iPhone today. Keeping with the company's long history of never actually finishing the popular mining game, the iPhone version is listed as alpha build 0.1.2. That doesn't mean it's not worth getting, just that it's a… » 11/17/11 5:40pm 11/17/11 5:40pm

Minecraft - Pocket Edition Is Live on the iPhone

You can pick up the pocket edition of Minecraft on iTunes for $6.99 right now. This version lets you build, but not adventure, in the fun, blocky world. So no crafting, mining, enemies. » 11/17/11 8:36am 11/17/11 8:36am

Minecraft Pocket Edition Looks to Hit iPhone, iPad Tomorrow

Multiple sources are reporting that an iOS version of Mojang's hit sandbox/constriction hybrid will finally launch in the next 24 hours or so. The game's been popping up in iTunes stores in other territories like New Zealand, and it'll probably go live around the world over the next day or two. Minecraft Pocket » 11/16/11 12:40pm 11/16/11 12:40pm

Minecraft - Pocket Edition Hits Select Android's Xperia Play Today for…

Minecraft - Pocket Edition hits the Android Xperia Play today exclusively for $6.99 with later Android versions hitting in the near future. The best part? Staying true to their roots, the game's first version is an alpha build. » 8/16/11 3:00am 8/16/11 3:00am