Keiji Inafune Is Taking Your Questions Right Now [Q&A Is Finished]

Mega Man. Onimusha. Dead Rising. These are just a small sample of games from Keiji Inafune. Now, he's working on a new title, Mighty No. 9. Oh, he's also answering your questions, right here! » 9/23/13 9:32pm 9/23/13 9:32pm

Keiji Inafune Says Mighty No. 9 Would Kick Mega Man’s Butt

Keiji Inafune still loves Mega Man. But, to him, there’s no question who’d win if Capcom’s robot mascot and Beck—the hero of Inafune’s new Mega Man-alike Mighty No. 9—got into a fight. “Unfortunately, Mega Man is an older robot and uses the older parts. A little bit too old school,” Inafune said. “I don’t know if he… » 9/05/13 3:00pm 9/05/13 3:00pm

Of Course Mega Man's Spiritual Successor Already Has Cool Fan Art

Really, it never takes long for the internet to do four things with media on the internet: write fan fiction, draw rule 34, ship the characters, and yes, draw up fan art. Mighty No. 9, the spiritual successor to Mega Man that's currently raising money on Kickstarter, is no exception. » 9/03/13 9:30pm 9/03/13 9:30pm

Guess You Guys REALLY Wanted A New Mega Man Game, Huh

Boy, you guys sure showed Capcom. Having consigned Mega Man to the dustbin of history, the Japanese publisher is probably kicking itself watching the Kickstarter for the series' spiritual successor - Keiji Inafune's Mighty No. 9 - blow past its funding goal in just 24 hours. » 9/02/13 11:00pm 9/02/13 11:00pm

Four Video Game Previews You Shouldn't Miss

The new Dragon Age game, that looks extraordinary so far; Keiji Inafune's spiritual successor to Mega Man; five minutes of Pokémon X/Y gameplay, straight from PAX Prime; and Galak-Z: The Dimensional, an over-the-top space shooter. Cycle through our latest on these four new titles. » 9/02/13 10:40am 9/02/13 10:40am

Mega Man Designer Says Capcom Hasn't Reacted to New Mega Man-Like Game

Last night, Keiji Inafune blew the gaming world's collective mind when he announced Mighty No. 9, a game that closely resembles the iconic Mega Man franchise that he was associated with for more than a decade. Today, he said that he hasn't heard anything from former employer Capcom, the company that owns Mega Man. » 9/01/13 2:30pm 9/01/13 2:30pm