Five Nights at Freddy's Fan Game Makes Disney Characters Terrifying

Forget Chuck-e-Cheese-like animatronics. Those are already a little bit creepy on their own. Corrupting Disney characters, however, is a bit more unsettling. » 12/12/14 7:00pm 12/12/14 7:00pm

Childhood Characters, As Complete Crazies

When not busy with concept art Dan Luvisi likes to turn cute, childhood heroes into mutated, crazy-looking lunatics in his 'Popped Culture' series. 'Tigger' from Winnie the Pooh even got a really funny backstory. » 5/14/14 8:30am 5/14/14 8:30am

Classic Mickey Mouse Remastered. Sort Of.

Here's YouTuber Really3D with his take on Mickey Mouse. ...Which basically amounts to a hilarious attempt to remaster Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse's first appearance in glorious 3D. » 2/17/14 5:00pm 2/17/14 5:00pm

In Japan, Being Mickey Mouse Is a Part-Time Job

With those Kingdom Hearts games and with new Mickey Mouse cartoons, you'd think being the official Japanese language voice of Mickey Mouse would be a full-time job. For one university professor, it's not. » 1/16/14 6:30am 1/16/14 6:30am

Mickey Mouse Feels Terrible About Being Mickey Mouse

Just when you think you know where this webcomic about Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy getting drunk on a boys' night is going, it gets deep. And it stirs up feelings about the Walt Disney icon you've probably never had. » 12/04/13 2:00pm 12/04/13 2:00pm

Japan's Cute and Nerdy Stone Statues Will Delight You

Stone statues play a prevalent role in Japanese life. You see them at Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines, and you also see them in front of houses and businesses or in gardens as decoration. Ditto at cemeteries. » 3/22/13 4:30am 3/22/13 4:30am

A Badass Samurai Helmet Fit for Mickey Mouse. Yours for $2,600!

Every spring in Japan, families with sons display miniature samurai armor. The armor, called yoroi (鎧), or samurai helmet, called "kabuto" (兜), are for Children's Day. Families want their sons to grow up strong and healthy. It's a Japanese tradition. » 2/22/13 7:00am 2/22/13 7:00am

Mickey Mouse Is Wreaking Havoc in Grand Theft Auto IV. With a Smile.

The mod scene around Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV continues to impress and amuse. Sonic The Hedgehog and the Portal robots were cool, but Mickey Mouse? We're veering into the realm of social commentary. Or we're veering into an alternate world where Kingdom Hearts = Disney + Rockstar. » 7/31/12 12:30pm 7/31/12 12:30pm

Whew, Epic Mickey 2 Gets Its Co-Op and Camera Right

Epic Mickey was a game that fought against itself. Oh, I really, really wanted to fully embrace Warren Spector's love letter to Walt Disney's creations. But the continual struggle against the game's camera meant that the Wii exclusive undercut all its charm with severe control problems. » 6/15/12 4:30pm 6/15/12 4:30pm

To Show Off Epic Mickey 2, Warren Spector Brought His Rare Disney…

It's impossible to miss the huge amount of Disney love that Warren Spector brings to bear on the Epic Mickey games. The celebrated game designer has been talking about how much he cherishes the world Walt Disney engineered ever since the run-up to the first Epic Mickey game. But this year he did more than talk. » 6/05/12 9:30pm 6/05/12 9:30pm

Why Is Disney Trademarking Mickey Mouse's Castle of Illusion?

Early Sega Genesis adopters remember Sega's Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse as one of the system's initial highlights, a platformer bursting with charm and gorgeous level design. So Disney trademarking Castle of Illusion more than 20 years later is certainly cause of cautious excitement. » 10/03/11 11:00pm 10/03/11 11:00pm

Review: Epic Mickey Reveals The Price Of Mischief, But With Camera…

Mickey Mouse is no Super Mario. He's the star of a more unusual kind of game on the Nintendo Wii, a game that starts poorly but finishes as one of the best hero stories of the year. » 12/06/10 2:00pm 12/06/10 2:00pm

Epic Mickey Is Setting A New Direction For Mickey Mouse

This holiday, Mickey Mouse game Epic Mickey is tapping into 80 years of Disney history to set a new tone and direction for everybody's favorite mouse, Mickey. » 6/15/10 12:42pm 6/15/10 12:42pm

Warren Spector Getting Mousy With "Epic Mickey"?

Game designer Warren Spector, of Thief, Deus Ex and System Shock fame, may have a new muse in Mickey Mouse. A report from Gamasutra says Spector's working on a "steampunk"-styled game currently codenamed Epic Mickey. » 12/22/08 9:00pm 12/22/08 9:00pm