Can Kinect Make You Swim Like Michael Phelps?

505 Games has teamed up with Olympic superstar Michael Phelps to create Michael Phelps – Push the Limit, "one of the most realistic and intense sports simulation video games ever." Is it time to flood your living room? » 2/02/11 1:00pm 2/02/11 1:00pm

Michael Phelps Lists His Three Favorite NES Games, Asks For Yours

When Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is not winning gold medals, he is doing other things. Those recreational activities include playing video games among other things to help him chill out. » 3/12/09 7:00am 3/12/09 7:00am

Activision: No Plans To Drop Phelps, A-Rod From Guitar Hero Ads

Now that Alex Rodriguez has admitted to being a juicer and Michael Phelps has been caught sucking on a bong, will Activision yank its Guitar Hero World Tour ad spots featuring the two? Nope! » 2/11/09 3:40pm 2/11/09 3:40pm

Michael Phelps' Game To Be The Next Tiger Woods Game

505 Games is creating a game based on Olympic swimmer extraodinaire Michael Phelps, but can swimming carry a video game? Probably not. That's where the pure action comes in. » 12/29/08 12:20pm 12/29/08 12:20pm

Michael Phelps Teams With 505 For Some Sort Of Swimming Game

505 Games has just announced a partnership with Olympic uber-swimmer Michael Phelps to develop video games for "next generation" consoles and the i-Phone, padding the sadly neglected swimming category of sports games. » 12/15/08 11:40am 12/15/08 11:40am

Michael Phelps Says His Game Is 'In Development'

Michael Phelps is both the winningest swimmer ever, and chummy enough with Activision to be given a box containing no copies of Call of Duty. Surely he should have his own game by now? » 12/03/08 3:20pm 12/03/08 3:20pm

Wait, Michael Phelps Didn't Get Call Of Duty Early

On Thursday, you would have seen Michael Phelps, still basking in the glow of his olympic triumphs, presented with a copy of Call of Duty: World At War » 9/01/08 8:00am 9/01/08 8:00am. A game that's from completion. Turns out Phelps didn't receive the game at all; what he got instead was a . An Activision PR rep has confirmed that Phelps was…

Michael Phelps Has CoD: World At War And You Don't

Click to view » 8/28/08 2:00pm 8/28/08 2:00pm
So what do you need to do to score a copy of Call of Duty: World at War from Activision two months early? Simple. Just dominate a sporting event on the global stage, bringing home a record-breaking 8 gold medals from the Olympics, and that baby is yours. This is a video from CBS's The Early Show, which…