This Metal Gear Solid Figure Kept You Waiting

To mark the 25th anniversary of stealth series Metal Gear, Japanese figure maker Kaiyodo is releasing a figure of Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. This figure is part of Kaiyodo's posable Revoltech Yamaguchi line. » 2/11/13 7:30am 2/11/13 7:30am

From Costa Rica with Dr. Strangelove

It's not everyday that Kotaku features Costa Rican cosplayers. And it's also not everyday that Kotaku features Costa Rican cosplayer dressed as a character from a game set in...Costa Rica! » 6/29/11 3:00am 6/29/11 3:00am

Here's Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Running On the PS3

Some older, or smaller, Metal Gear games are being polished up and sent back into battle on the PlayStation 3. We've seen how they look in pictures, now see how one looks in action. » 6/20/11 1:00am 6/20/11 1:00am

Can You Spot the HD Metal Gear Solid Games?

Konami is bringing Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker to the PS3 and Xbox 360 as the Metal Gear Solid HD Edition. » 6/08/11 10:40am 6/08/11 10:40am

Why Do Video Games Hide Their True Endings?

In today's slightly spoilery episode of Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter 黒人 laments the games that require a player complete countless complicated steps in order to see their "true" endings. » 4/29/11 11:20am 4/29/11 11:20am

New Metal Gear Solid Figures Sneak Out

Besides making Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, Square Enix also makes plastic figures under its Play Arts brand. And this summer, it's releasing more Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Play Arts figurines. » 4/18/11 5:00am 4/18/11 5:00am

Dress Yourself In Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker's New Clothing Line

Soon you can wear your love of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on your sleeve, thanks to Konami and Musterbrand's new men's clothing line, based on and inspired by last year's PSP game. That's right, any day now, you'll be able to own and wear Metal Gear Solid pants. » 4/04/11 10:00pm 4/04/11 10:00pm

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker: The Jacket …

Scary Lady Art You Can Wear And Frighten Friends With

Yu Kobayashi is beautiful. Her drawings are not. They are totally messed up. But don't let that scare you from, you know, buying them printed on a tote bag or t-shirt. Yes, show your Kobayashi pride. » 2/11/11 3:00am 2/11/11 3:00am

Painful Laughter, Killing Castro And My Other Favorite Gaming Moments…

Suicide, laughter, and the believed death of a communist leader. These were just some of my ten favorite moments from my favorite games of 2010. (Spoilers) » 1/12/11 6:20pm 1/12/11 6:20pm

Final Fantasy XIII Is Epic Enough For Sony's Platinum Prize

Tokyo-based Sony Computer Entertainment held its annual PlayStation Awards in which the company gives, wait for it, awards to, you guessed it, PlayStation games. The awards are given based on how titles released in Japan on PlayStation consoles did domestically. » 12/03/10 10:40am 12/03/10 10:40am

Her Art Is A Symphony Of Evil

Kotaku featured the art — if you can call it that — of voice actress Yuu Kobayashi (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Ar tonelico III) several times before. Kobayashi's work is nightmarish and unique. » 12/02/10 6:00am 12/02/10 6:00am

Another Square Enix x Metal Gear Solid Action Figure

Square Enix has released the first set of official images for its second Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker action figure, this time featuring Snake in his jungle fatigues. » 8/02/10 6:30am 8/02/10 6:30am

Poll: The Most Interesting Games Of 2010 So Far...

Japanese game publication Dengeki Online has released the results of a poll it conducted regarding the most interesting games so far of 2010. Let's dive in. » 7/15/10 5:00am 7/15/10 5:00am