Mean Girls: The Video Game Reworks Puzzle Quest Into Girl-Friendly Matching, Manipulation

The announcement that Legacy Interactive and Paramount would be collaborating on games based on female-led films Mean Girls, Clueless and Pretty In Pink »7/29/08 6:40pm7/29/08 6:40pm left us... dismayed? Don't get me wrong, I loved both and (shut up) — they're fine films. But after the that was video game, it's hard to dislodge this chip…

There Are Finally Clueless, Mean Girls & Pretty In Pink Games In Development

Seriously. If you remember, back in March Paramount movie studios announced they were getting into the gaming business. Today, they've announced their first three titles. To be developed in conjunction with Legacy Interactive, the first three games (all adaptations of films, obviously) will be...yes, Mean Girls,… »7/22/08 7:30am7/22/08 7:30am