In Da Club: A Musical Moment Few Video Games Get Right

Games take us to all manner of fantastical, unlikely places. But as good as video games have gotten at accurately recreating a space-marine shootout or a mountaintop dragon battle, there's one thing developers are still learning how to create: A dance club.

Many games try to create thriving urban environments for… » 10/25/12 8:00pm 10/25/12 8:00pm

Max Payne 3's Vancouver Developers Closed, Then Moved

Rockstar Vancouver, one of the main developers behind Max Payne 3, have been shut down. Not to worry (much): the staff are being offered jobs at Rockstar's other Canadian studio in Toronto, which is expanding thanks to the help of regional government support. Full press release here. [Note: This story originally… » 7/10/12 12:10am 7/10/12 12:10am