NES and N64 Controllers Drop the Bass In This Mash-Up Music Video

Video game soundtracks have been around for more than three decades, if you count back to the doomp-doomp of Space Invaders. This mash-up video created by Ithaca Audio folds in bits of audio from Tetris, Street Fighter and Sonic next to tracks by David Bowie, Michael Jackson and the old-school Doctor Who theme. And… »3/20/13 9:40am3/20/13 9:40am

Sure, Why Not, Let's Recreate The Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Inside Battlefield 3

So what's going on with Grand Theft Auto V? Very little, aside from a couple of screenshots and some analysts reading tea leaves and thinking it'll be out by April. A bored Internet public already has recreated the Grand Theft Auto V teaser trailer within the original San Andreas and then in Liberty City (since… »8/09/12 7:30pm8/09/12 7:30pm

Those Brain Butchers Mashed Up Total Recall's Trailer with Mass Effect

Illusive Man as Cohaagen, Miranda as Lori, Liara as Melina. And Shepard as Quaid. This is the audio from Total Recall's 2012 trailer and visuals from the Mass Effect trilogy, by an outfit called Node Studios. They've done three other mashups of recognizable trailers since June; this is probably the best of the four. »7/21/12 11:00am7/21/12 11:00am