The Best Martial Arts Movie Fights of All Time

From karate chops to roundhouse kicks, cinema has seen its share of martial arts fights. Now, it's time to look at the ones that come out on top when the others went down for the count. The best, if you like. » 2/11/15 9:20am 2/11/15 9:20am

Knives-on-Nunchucks Martial Artist Clearly Wants Real Life Soul Calibur

I don't know if Polish martial artist Kacper Borowski plays Soul Calibur—though there is a pic with a caption of Sagat on his Facebook page. But if they make ever make movies about the medieval martial arts fighting franchise, the producers need to give this guy a call. » 2/05/15 10:00am 2/05/15 10:00am

Live-Action Smash Bros. Video has Real Martial Arts

And not just that, but cool visual and practical effects, excellent fight choreography, good sound editing, a fitting soundtrack... overall, it feels like a short Smash Bros-themed kung fu movie. And it might even be the first in a series! » 2/04/15 4:30am 2/04/15 4:30am

Damn, This Afghan Guy Looks Like Bruce Lee 

This is 20 year-old Abbas Alizada. He totally looks like Bruce Lee, from his physical features to his ability to pull off martial arts moves. It's no surprise that the Kabul native's nickname is "Afghan Bruce Lee." » 12/10/14 7:20am 12/10/14 7:20am

A TMNT Homage Film So Cool It Doesn't Even Need Turtles

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie upset some fans by choosing to give the titular ninja foursome a more "realistic" look. This wonderfully choreographed short from production company Epic Rival opts for a more human approach. » 4/26/14 4:00pm 4/26/14 4:00pm

Witness the Beauty of Japanese Swordplay

Shozo Kato, a master kendo sensei, discusses Japanese concepts of beauty (such as wabi-sabi or わびさび) and the "immovable mind" (fudoushin or 不動心) as well as demonstrates kendo and laido. The result is both poetic and fascinating. » 2/28/14 5:00am 2/28/14 5:00am

Chinese Kids Fighting Smog with Martial Arts

At an elementary school in Shijiazhuang, China, students have been practicing a series of "anti-smog" martial arts exercises. Kick smog's ass, kids! » 12/13/13 4:00am 12/13/13 4:00am