Meet Scott Maxwell: Star Wars Fan. Gamer. And, Oh Yeah, He Drives a Rover on Mars.

Some people have cool jobs. And then there's Scott Maxwell, who has one of the best gigs on two planets. He's one of the people who drives the Curiosity Rover on Mars. How do you get that job? What's it like? And how does it compare to all the sci-fi and video game fantasies we've all had about this kind of thing? »10/12/12 1:00pm10/12/12 1:00pm

Mars Rover Survives Seven Minutes of Terror, Lands Successfully on the Surface

Well, the little rover that could has gone and done it. Having survived an epic voyage and a convoluted, dangerous descent, NASA's Curiosity Rover has successfully landed on the surface of Mars, and is already transmitting images back to Earth. Nice job, little guy. And nice job all the men and women who designed and… »8/06/12 1:30am8/06/12 1:30am

Watch The Mars Rover Landing Live On Your Xbox This Weekend

The game that lets you try your own hand at landing the next Mars rover may not be as cool as advertised, but the real event probably will be. And the real event is coming up this weekend, with Curiosity scheduled to land on the Martian surface late Sunday night (or early Monday morning, depending on your time zone). »8/03/12 10:00am8/03/12 10:00am