League of Legends Pro Gamers Stripped of Winnings for Scheming on the Side

The Major League Gaming (MLG) summer championship events took place this past weekend, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Teams competed in several games, including StarCraft II, Mortal Kombat, and Soul Calibur V. But the biggest upset happened in the League of Legends tournament, which found both the first and second place… »8/27/12 7:00pm8/27/12 7:00pm

Watch This Pro Gamer Go Bananas, Live, When He Misses His MLB 2K12 Perfect Game Bid

This is Justin Masterson, the Cleveland Indians' opening day pitcher, being controlled by Richie Martinez, aka TeRRoRR of Major League Gaming, and the captain of Legacy, the pro Gears of War 2 »4/05/12 6:15pm4/05/12 6:15pm team. Right now, he's trying his hand at the million dollar prize in 2K Sports' for , which got under way yesterday.

Major League Gaming and Mad Catz Team Up for An Xbox 360 Controller With Some Pros and Some Cons

With the collective profile of eSports rising over the last decade, you've seen an ever-increasing prominence of the kind of endorsed accessories and products that hover around physical sports. Gaming mice, keyboards and gamepads that promise to make you better, faster and more accurate sell to hardcore fans who want… »2/17/12 5:30pm2/17/12 5:30pm

Take That, MTV: More than 240,000 People Watched Pro Video Game Players Compete to Be the Best

Some people like eSports. Others think the idea of broadcasting competitions of people going at it in Starcraft 2, Black Ops or Halo: Reach won't ever get mainstream media attention. But it turns out that it may not be necessary, if the new numbers released by the Major League Gaming promotion are any indication. »12/06/11 11:40am12/06/11 11:40am