Madden's New "Draft Duels" Sounds Sort of Like Madden: The Gathering

An update to Madden NFL 13 »11/29/12 6:00pm11/29/12 6:00pm rolling out tomorrow will deliver something called "Draft Duels" to Ultimate Team, the game's hybrid fantasy team/card collecting mode. In it, players will open packs of cards, construct a team from their holdings—and their opponent's—and then duke it out in a standard multiplayer game.


Facing a Season with No NFL, Madden's Ultimate Team Looks to the Legends

In any discussion of the greatest video game athletes, the Michael Vick of Madden NFL 2004 always makes the cut, and is usually the most recent name on the list. In the eight years since his appearance, sports simulations have fine-tuned their realism, closing the era of logic-defying performances by the likes of… »6/22/11 7:30pm6/22/11 7:30pm